Next Week In #CripTheVote

#Crip The Vote with picture of a ballot box with four disability symbols in blue on the front

#CripTheVote will be back next week with Twitter Chats in the hour before the March 9 Democratic Debate, and before the Republican Debate on March 10.

On March 9th, we will discuss the top 5 disability policy areas as indicated in preliminary results of our Disability Issues Survey. On March 10th, we will discuss the top 5 disability policy ideas shown in those results. If you haven’t completed the survey yet, click here. It’s anonymous, and fairly brief. If you are unable to complete the online version of the survey, you can follow this link to a text-only version, or request a Word document by email from

Based on user feedback, we will be posting the discussion questions for both chats in advance, so people can have time to prepare.

Here are the dates again:

Democratic Debate            March 9, 2016, 8:00 PM, (one hour before the 9:00 PM debate).
Republican Debate            March 10, 2016, 7:00 or 8:00 PM (one hour before the debate time, to be announced).

Please join us as we discuss the issues that matter to people with disabilities, and how we can get them addressed in this year’s election campaigns.

How to Participate

Follow @AndrewPulrang, @DisVisibility, @GreggBeratan, on Twitter.

When the debate begins, check out the live-stream: or set your Twitter application to sort for the hashtag #CripTheVote.
Use the hashtags #CripTheVote and #DemDebate or #GOPdebate when you tweet, so all participants can read all comments and responses.

We will post Storify summaries of these chats a day or so after each one. [Storify Of 2/11/16 Chat] [Storify Of 2/13/16 Chat]

Additional information on voting and people with disabilities:

#CripTheVote Facebook Page:

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