Disability 101

Disability 101

I have decided to make next weekend’s Disability Blogger Link-Up more specialized than usual. I am going to ask people to submit only articles, blog posts, videos, or other linkable content that can serve as effective introductions to disability culture and activism.

This video is a good example:

I first saw this video explaining the "Social Model of Disability" in a blog post that happens to provide an excellent introduction to why we use and embrace the word “disabled” instead of the many euphemisms that pass … mistakenly I think … for “politically correct.” It’s another example of this Disability 101 idea.

#SayTheWord, Not “Special Needs”
eisforerin.com - February 16. 2016

So please do think about and collect pieces you think are good, plain-language introductions to the key concepts we deal with in the disability community. It might be stuff you processed years ago, things that are incredibly obvious to you, but that are real mysteries to others, including to many disabled people who are only just starting to realize they are part of a community.

Collect your favorite pieces, and get ready to post them to next weekend’s Disability Blogger Linkup. I can’t wait to see what kind of amazing reading list we can build!