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#CripTheVote is a nonpartisan campaign to engage both voters and politicians in a productive discussion about disability issues in the United States, with the hope that Disability takes on greater prominence within the American political landscape. This is intended as a resource for voters with disabilities to prepare for voting, and learn more about the 2016 General Election on Tuesday, November 8.


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Candidate Websites

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Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders



Donald Trump



Gary Johnson


Green Party

Jill Stein


Voting Checklist

  1. Find out if you are registered to vote.

  2. Register if you need to, or re-register if you have recently moved.

  3. Find out the Primary and General Election dates in your state, where you are registered. Put those dates on your calendar.

  4. Find out where your polling place is.

  5. Visit the polling place location, to note any accessibility problems you might face.

  6. If you need some instructions, or want a demonstration of your district’s voting system, ask your Board of Elections.

  7. Arrange any transportation help you might need.

  8. VOTE in the Primary and VOTE in the General Election!


Websites On Voting

Find out if your are registered to vote, and where your polling place will be.

United States Election Assistance Commission
Resource for Voters with Disabilities
Federal agency providing information on the voting process.

National Disability Rights Network: Election Center 2016
Election resources for voters with disabilities.

ADA Checklist for Polling Places
Detailed accessibility checklist from the U.S. Justice Department.

People with Mental Disabilities Have The Right To Vote
One page informational flyer from the American Bar Association.

State Laws Affecting Mental Disabilities and Voting
State-by-state listing of laws and regulations.

Know Your Right To Vote!
Voting rights information from the ARC.

Bazelon Center - Voting
Voting rights information from the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law.

Voting Equipment by State
Summaries of voting rules and equipment in each state.

Rooted In Rights: Voting Disability
News on voting rights and accessibility.

Horizons Unlimited
Checklists and advice on the voting process for voters with disabilities.


Election and Politics Websites

RespectAbility Report
Nonpartisan political reporting and commentary on the 2016 Elections, focused on disability issues.

American Association of People with Disabilities Rev Up Voting
Organizing a variety of election and voting events.

ADA Legacy Project
Hosting a variety of voting and election projects focusing on disabled voters and disability issues.

General interest news website with strong focus on politics, featuring a unique statistical analysis for forecasting who will win elections. Very good at expressing data in easy to interpret graphics.

General interest news website with a strong focus on politics, featuring an “explainer” approach to making complex political and policy issues easier to understand.

Website for up-to-the-minute, “insider” news on politics.

Real Clear Politics
An independent, non-partisan media company offering analysis & news.

Analyzes candidate statements and rates them in terms of truthfulness.

270 To Win
Interactive maps for forecasting possible election outcomes and identifying probabilities in each state.

[Presidential Election Map] [Senate Election Map] [House Election Map]

Crash Course: US Government and Politics
Lighthearted but informative YouTube series aimed at teenagers, but a great refresher for adults, too.

Wikipedia: Political terminology of the United States
Terms listed alphabetically, with links to an explanation of each one. As always with Wikipedia, remember that anyone can edit any article, so accuracy isn’t guaranteed.