Throwback Thursday

Time machine from the film "The Time Machine"

One year ago in Disability Thinking: “What Kinds Of Ableism Do You See Most?"

I deleted the survey, but the ableism list is there to look over. Stay tuned for an online survey of disability issues for the upcoming U.S. Elections, part of #CripTheVote.

Two years ago in Disability Thinking: “Discussing TV's Disability Problems”

I guess the most notable thing about this article now is that in the two years since I wrote it, nobody has offered another comedy show based mainly on a disabled character. I know that the new show, "Superstore" has a guy in a wheelchair, but he's part of an ensemble cast and I haven't seen the show yet. I don't know whether the characters is funny, or whether disability is used at all to spark humor, successfully or not, offensively or not.