Podcast Preview: “The Cage / Menagerie Conundrum”

3 Star Trek pictures in a row, Capt Pike, Injured Capt Pike in a wheelchair, 3 humanoid aliens with big heads

Episode 30 of the Disability.TV Podcast will upload on Friday, February 26. Titled “The Cage / Menagerie Conundrum,” the episode will focus on some surprising disability themes in two of the original Star Trek series’ most memorable stories … the original, unaired Pilot, “The Cage,” and “The Menagerie, Parts 1 and 2.”

I get deep into spoilers, so I highly recommend watching before listening, on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Or, splurge a little and buy the DVDs.

Come explore the "final frontier" with me ... but pro tip: don't trust those Talosians!