On Disability Etiquette ...

Ross McGuinness, Metro - May 8, 2014

Dylan Matthews, Vox.com - May 8, 2014

First I read the Metro article about the UK-based publicity campaign aimed at improving peoples’ disability etiquette. It seems like a very good, professional, high-quality campaign with good advice that will hold peoples’ attention.

Then I was overjoyed to read the article on the same subject, in the new “Understand The News” website Vox.com. I have been wondering when Vox would get around to dealing with a disability related issue or trend, and Dylan Matthews does a great job of explaining and expanding a bit on the theme of disability etiquette. The title, alone, is perfect and presents the notion of Well-Meaning Ableism beautifully.

I look forward with unreasonable excitement for Vox to tackle a major disability issue with one of their “card stacks” … collections of short “explainers” that break down complex issues into easily understood segments, each one titled with a question phrased as an average reader might ask. I highly recommend exploring Vox.com and some of these card stacks, and see if you don’t agree that the format could be perfect to explain all manner of disability topics.