A Great Mother's Day Video at Shared Abilities

Charisse Hogan, Shared Abilities - May 9, 2014

The Shared Abilities video linked above … which I will also embed below … forces me to confront a sort of taste paradox.

I don’t like sentimentality. Maybe it’s because I’m a Generation X’er, so my default emotion is ironic detachment. Maybe it’s my ingrained wariness about God-talk. Maybe it’s a guy thing. I shouldn’t like Charisse Hogan's videos, but they always win me over because they say something. By which I mean something that isn’t obvious, isn’t cliché, and hasn’t been said a thousand times before. Charisse has a distinct voice, and that is a either a rare, or a hard-won gift. And let's face it, she's far more adept at video editing and composition than I am. iMovie is the most woefully unused software on my computer.

I’d like to post something myself in honor of Mother’s Day, and I am thinking hard about it. In case I don’t manage it though, I will be happy to let Charisse’s thanks to her Mom speak for me.