Aaaand We're Back!

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I've been on an extended blogging break since December 2, 2017.

The conventional explanation is that I ran out of things to write about. It's more accurate to say that I had lots of ideas that seemed good for 20 minutes or so, but then quickly became stale. Now I've got several topics to work on that have stayed interesting to me for at least several weeks. Hopefully they will all turn into posts worth writing and reading ... something a little more than the usual themes of disability rights in the late 2010s.

I will start back for real with a Disability Blogger Linkup this Friday, February 9, followed by a regular blog post on February 23, then a Monthly Reading List on the 28th. I'll probably stick with that basic monthly routine for awhile. I am also thinking of adding occasional very short "Disability Thought Of The Day" posts. We'll see about that.

However it pans out, it feels good to be back and thinking again about the Disability Thinking Blog. I have missed it.