Blog Restart

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It has been well over a month since I last posted here, and that was a Disability Blogger Linkup ... requiring no original writing from me. So what's going on?

Basically, I've gotten out of the habit of blogging, right when there's more important stuff by far going on in the disability community than there was when I started disability blogging and posted every day. The time I used to spend blogging I'm now putting into #CripTheVote, and into social media work for my local Center for Independent Living. That means a lot of face-booking and tweeting, which exercise similar, but also quite different writing and thinking skills.

Also, I have recently realized that I'm running low on new thoughts, ideas, and realizations about disability. When I started disability blogging, I had a lifetime of material to catch up on. Now, when I think I should really get back to blogging, I find I'm repeating myself.

Which is not to say that I don't have new things to say, or that I'm never going to revisit old topics. But these are going to come less frequently, and when I do blog, I hope what I write is better, more substantial, than some of the fleeting thoughts I used to push out on the daily. In other words, quality over quantity.

So here's the plan ...

I will do a monthly blog post on a disability topic I am thinking a lot about. For the moment, let's say the last Friday of each month. I will also post a Monthly Reading List on the last day of each month, similar to the Weekly Reading Lists I used to post every Monday. I will do a Disability Blogger Linkup on the 2nd Friday of each month. And that's about it, unless I feel the burning need to say something too long to tweet and can't wait for the monthly post.

In between, you can follow my Twitter feed, @AndrewPulrang, and the #CripTheVote hashtag. I share or post something in those "spaces" almost daily.

Thanks everyone for reading and commenting!