Upcoming Blog Topics

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I was meant to put up a blog post this weekend, But, instead of writing a complete post on one topic, I ended up brainstorming at least four different topics I want to write about over the next few months:

Disability Communities: Contested Ideas and Non-Negotiable Principles

What principles are we mostly settled on, and which are still largely contested within the disability community?

Disability Communities: Radicals, Activists, and Everyone Else

In which I continue to try to sort out the different subdivisions and mindsets within the disability community.

Special Needs Parents vs. Disabled Adults

An attempt to understand this very awkward, sometimes nasty and mutually traumatic relationship.

Three Trends In Disability Activism

Things have changed in thinking about disability, mostly for the good, but changes should at least be noted.

Anyone have any other ideas? What topics or questions aren't getting enough attention in disability blogging and journalism? Share your ideas in the comments section below.