Election Activities Update

Red white and blue Election 2016 sign

It’s time for another recap of what I’ve been doing around disability and the U.S. Elections, and what to expect between now and Election Day.


Early in July, Stephanie Woodward, who does advocacy and supervises the election blogging at the Center for Disability Rights asked me and Emily Munson to compare notes on the Democratic and Republican party platforms, and write a joint post giving our perspectives on both as a Democrat (me), and a Republican (Emily). I think both of us were excited about it, but we found it surprisingly tricky. It’s not because we clashed politically, but more because collaborating at a distance, and with different schedules, is difficult. That said, I think we’re both happy with the result. It’s a bit longer than the usual blog, but probably worth a few extra minutes to read:

Emily & Andrew Discuss The Party Platforms
July 28, 2016

Between the Conventions and the more intense Fall campaign season, I decided to do a pair of blog posts in which I ask questions I am dying to ask the candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton … or that I wish someone would ask them in a public way that might actually force them to answer. Here’s the first one:

Asking Donald Trump
August 11, 2016

I’m not sure whether the dream thing works, but now that I’ve started it, I’ll probably stick with it for my next CDR blog post, “Asking Hillary Clinton.”

In case you missed my earlier CDR blog posts click here to see them.


#CripTheVote logo, spelled out in rainbow colored letters, with icon of a ballot box with four disability symbols on the front

I don’t remember if I’ve said it here before, but let me say it now … #CripTheVote is the single most satisfying disability-related project I’ve ever been involved with. It’s hard to say exactly what the “outcomes” of it will be, but for once, I’m not too worried about it. It really feels like the process itself is its own reward. I have learned so much, and my thinking about disability in politics has evolved at triple speed since starting this project with Alice Wong and Gregg Beratan. It’s been an incredibly exiting and productive 7 months, and we’re now in the home stretch, so to speak, with Election Day in sight.

We have settled on a slate of activities between now and November 8. You can read all about it on Alice Wong’s Disability Visibility Project website, and the schedule of events is below:

#CripTheVote Events Sept-Nov 2016
Alice Wong, Disability Visibility Project - August 17, 2016

Sep 19, 7 pm EST: Twitter chat
Political participation and first-time voters
Guest hosts Rock The Vote and the American Association of People with Disabilities.

Sep 26, 9 pm EST: Live-tweet
First Presidential Debate

Sep 27, 5 pm EST: Twitter chat
Media Representation of Disability in 2016 Election
Guest host Rooted in Rights.

Oct 4, 9 pm EST: Live-Tweet
Vice-Presidential Debate

Oct 9, 9 pm EST: Live-Tweet
Second Presidential Debate

Oct 13, 8 pm EST:  Twitter chat
Poverty, Public Programs, and Economic Self-Sufficiency

Oct 19, 9 pm EST: Live-Tweet
Third Presidential Debate

Oct 22, 8 pm EST: Twitter chat
Congressional, State, & Local Elections

November 8, 8 pm EST: Live-Tweet
Election Day!!!

If you are still not sure what #CripTheVote is or how it works, here are some links to get you started: