I Used To Think ...

Photo of a green highway sign reading Changes Next Exit against a blue sky background

I have decided to start another new series of related Disability Thinking Posts. First, I'm going to finish the last one I started ... the one about Three Threats To Disabled People Today. But then I'm going to start a series called "I Used To Think ..."

Each edition will be about a specific way my thinking about disability has changed over my lifetime. For example, I might write posts about changes in how I think about:

- Disability language and terminology
- Disability awareness
- Advocacy strategies
- The nature of ableism
- What "successful" life with a disability looks like

I'll definitely cover these topics, but probably others too. The series could go on indefinitely.

How has your thinking about disability changed in your lifetime? Feel free to share in the Comments, now or when you see an "I Used To Think ..." post.