Throwback Thursday

Mr. Peabody and Sherman, classic cartoon characters, in front of an elaborate wall of machinery, the "Wayback Machine" time machine. Mr. Peabody is a white dog with glasses, Sherman is a red haired boy with glasses

Three years ago in Disability Thinking: My Disabilities

I remember thinking it was harder than I expected to explain my disabilities succinctly but fully. I like how the description turned out though, and I’ve used several times in different situations where I had to explain how my disabilities are for me, day to day. The main difference now is that I have more pain than I did three years ago. It’s not a huge problem, but I kind of have to think about it every day.

Two years ago in Disability Thinking: Disability Visibility Project

The Disability Visibility Project is still going strong, especially the website and Facebook Page. Both are still essential sites for anyone who wants to engage with disability issues and culture. And as you may know, I’ve been involved with the proprietor, Alice Wong, and Gregg Beratan, in the development of #CripTheVote. So far it’s been the most productive, satisfying partnership I’ve ever experienced.

A year ago in Disability Thinking: Stuff That Worries Me

I am tempted to take up again this idea of a series of posts on what worries or bothers me within the disability issues and culture communities. The trick is to be sincere and humble about it, and not let the exercise devolve into tone policing, concern trolling, or any sort of ‘splaining. I think that trickiness is why a year later, this “series” still has only one post.