Throwback Thursday

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One year ago in Disability Thinking: Diagramming Disability Issues

Four quadrant square with sides labeled Low Stakes, High Stakes, Rights, and Benefits, with various disability issues mapped at different places on the square

I was going to try to place the top five disability issues and disability policy proposals from the #CripTheVote survey into this disability issues mapping tool I whipped up last year. The map / chart / thingy has two scales that intersect to form a big square with a plus sign in the middle … Low Stakes to High Stakes on the horizontal, Rights to Benefits on the vertical. When I tried placing these issues and policy ideas, I found I that I need another measurement scale … something like Disabled to Non-Disabled. It would measure how much the issue or idea is led or initiated by disabled people themselves, and how much it is led by traditional, non-disabled people and ideas. I haven’t figured out how to graph all of this in one place, and show where all these disability issues are in relation to one another. I’ll do it one of these days. In the meantime, here are the issues I’m trying to map out this way:

Disability Issues

1. Health Care
2. Civil Rights / Discrimination
3. Accessibility
4. Employment
5. Housing

Disability Policy Ideas

1. Hire and appoint more disabled people to government and policy-making positions.
2. Pass the Disability Integration Act to promote independent living instead of nursing homes.
3. Require disability awareness training for law enforcement.
4. Ban payment of sub-minimum wage.
5. Defend Social Security and Medicaid / Medicare against political attacks.