What, Exactly, Is #CripTheVote?

#CripTheVote logo, with title in rainbow colors, and picture of ballot box with four disability symbols on the front

I’m working on a thing today, so here is a terrific video presentation by Alice Wong about #CripTheVote. She explains what #CripTheVote is, our goals for starting it, and how it works. You also catch a look at my mug and Gregg Beratan’s

I forget sometimes that at lot of people think Twitter is either silly or nasty, and that others take a dim view of online “slacktivism” in general. I understand why, I guess, but it seems to me that Twitter and other social media are perfect for activism that mainly is about fostering a conversation. It also encourages political participation among people who may not have the ability or resources to do physically taxing, in-person activism.

I’m prejudices of course, but #CripTheVote has been fun so far, and the election conversations have been a lot more civil and substantive than what’s been happening elsewhere. If you haven’t already … even if you think you’re not “into politics” … check #CripTheVote out.