#CripTheVote Disability Issues Survey … Preliminary Results

#CripTheVote, with picture of a ballot box with four disability symbols on the front

In preparation for the next #CripTheVote Twitter Chats before the Presidential debates on March 9 and 10, we are releasing preliminary results of our issues survey:

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I want to note a few highlights:

- The highest priority broad policy areas seem to come in pairs. The top two are: 1. Health Care and 2. Civil Rights / Discrimination. The next two are a good notch lower in priority and close to each other: 3. Employment and 4. Accessibility. And the next two are another very close pair, 5. Housing and 6. Education.

- It’s important to note that in asking everyone to prioritize the list of broad policy areas, we aren’t in any way implying that the lowest ranked topics are unimportant.

- The top rated disability policy idea, buy a fairly healthy margin, is to “Hire and appoint more disabled people to government and policy-making positions.” The next four are:

2. Ban or phase out payment of sub-minimum wage.

3. Require disability awareness training for law enforcement.

4. Pass the Disability Integration Act to promote independent living instead of nursing homes.

5. Change Social Security to reduce or eliminate work disincentives.

It’s interesting to note that banning sub-minimum wage got far more votes than banning sheltered workshops.

All of the 15 policy ideas we listed have respectable numbers of votes. None of them look to be substantially rejected.

If you add the two demographic categories: “I have a disability” and “I have a disability and disabled person(s) in my family,” then 76% of survey respondents have a disability.

Alice Wong, Gregg Beratan and I are overwhelmed with the response so far, and the survey will stay open until April 30, so if you haven’t completed the survey, there’s plenty of time left to do it.

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