Weekly Reading List

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Here's some of the best disability writing I read last week:

'Disabled': Just #SayTheWord
Barbara J. King, National Public Radio - February 25, 2016

It's rare to see an article, aimed mainly at a non-disabled audience, that actually explains some of the subtle, non-obvious underpinnings of disability rights and culture. This article explains why using "disability" is okay, more effectively than most pieces on the subject I have read recently.

How “Inspiration Porn” Reporting Objectifies People With Disabilities
David Perry, The Establishment - February 25, 2016

This is another outstanding explanation of another hot-button issue non-disabled people seem to have a lot of trouble understanding: "Inspiration Porn". I am thinking of starting a permanent collection of disability basics or "Disability 101" pieces to share with newbies.

If You Don't Really Mean Inclusion -- Shut the F% Up!
Danny Woodburn, Huffington Post - February 2, 2016

I'm not sure what Hollywood producers' highbrow, expensive tastes have to do with it, but I loved reading this article on the lack of disability representation in movies and TV ... especially because it's by the man who played my favorite recurring guest character on "Seinfeld," Mickey Abbott. I agree with his main point, and to me his argument is that much stronger because he played one of the best, most balanced disabled characters on TV.

Does My Vote Count?
Jenn Wolff, United Spinal Association - February 9, 2016

Well yes, all or votes count, and that's self-evident to those of us for whom politics is not just a civic responsibility, but a hobby ... something we enjoy reading and talking about. Ms. Wolff makes a good case for everyone who feels indifferent to politics and voting ... or who genuinely hate and distrust the whole process.

That Brisk Day When Cripple Oppression in America Officially Came to an End
Smart Ass Cripple - February 27, 2016

The great thing about Smart Ass Cripple is that are always at least two messages in his blog posts … an obvious one, plus one that sort of creeps up on you and occupies your mind for a few hours.