New Blogging Plan

3 dimensional white stick figure sitting down and working on a laptop

I am officially ending my commitment to daily blogging. I haven't blogged daily for several months already. The difference now is that I'm going to stop feeling bad about it, and re-commit to a plan I think I can stick to.

Why now?

First of all, the election is over, but my involvement with #CripTheVote will continue. (See yesterday's post). #CripTheVote things will occasionally spill over into Disability Thinking, and vice-versa, but I am trying to keep the two projects separate. #CripTheVote requires time, energy, and thought, and it’s probably more important now than it was before November 8.

Second, my part time work has changed a bit. It now includes doing social media for my local Center for Independent Living, the North Country Center for Independence. That means a least a little bit of every day ... and every day's bit of imagination and ideas about disability ... will be devoted to NCCI, and I've only got so much brain space to allocate to this stuff.

So, here's the plan for Disability Thinking blogging:

- A Weekly Reading List every Monday.
- A regular blog post on any topic every Friday.
- Disability Blogger Linkups will be on the last weekend of each month.
- I'll post a Throwback Thursday occasionally, when there is an interesting past article to highlight on a given Thursday.
- Every so often I might post something extra, but only when *necessary*. For instance, tomorrow I'm going to post a wrap-up of my election blogging for the Center for Disability Rights.

I am still thinking about starting a YouTube vlog to sort of replace the discontinued Disability.TV Podcast. That probably won't start until sometime in January, 2017, if I follow through on the idea at all.

That's about all. I have enjoyed daily blogging, and I think the discipline of it got me off to a good start. I hope this more modest routine will get me back on track and produce some better pieces over the next year.