Still Seeking Comments ... How Do You Feel About Your Disability Equipment?

A couple of people have responded to my request for comments on how disabled people feel about their adaptive equipment. In a “Work In Progress” post on Friday, I said that I Love My Ventilator, and that when I used to use a scooter, I didn’t just use it, I enjoyed it and felt an affection for it. I’d like to hear from a few more people, because I know that there is a wide range of feeling among people with disabilities for the equipment they use.

Just because I love my disability gear doesn’t mean that’s the “right” way to think about it. There are valid reasons for people to feel indifferent or even hostile towards the equipment they use to adapt to their disabilities and surroundings. Also, I think most of us have both good and bad associations at various times. Not to mention that how well or poorly equipment is designed, and how it looks, has to make a difference.

So seriously … what do you feel, if anything, about your wheelchair, walker, cane, hearing aid, scooter, ventilator, or whatever “specialized” items you use specifically related to your disability? The idea is that I’ll include comments in my finished post on the topic, to go along with my own thoughts.

You can comment below, or if you prefer, send me an email.