Survey Results

A big thank-you to the 29 people who have completed my survey on what they’d like to see in a disability-themed website. Here are some of the results so far. I have organized the top rated choices in each section … with ties grouped together. I will be using these results to help shape a more extensive Disability Thinking website. In the meantime, the survey is still open, so if you haven’t done it yet, feel free.

Website Features

First Place
  • Disability News - Links & Analysis
  • Articles by Invited Writers
Second Place
  • Resources - Links by Topic
Third Place
  • Blogs by Selected Bloggers
Fourth Place
  • Personal Stories by Invited Writers
  • Advocacy - Features & Campaigns

First Place
  • Accessibility
Second Place
  • Assistive Tech & Mobility Aids
Third Place
  • Disability Rights Laws
  • Disability In Popular Culture & Media
  • Identifying & Combating Ableism
  • Disability Policy & Politics
Fourth Place
  • Medical Care
Who Did The Survey?
  • 72% Disabled
  • 12% Disability Services Providers
  • 8% Family Member of Disabled Person
  • 8% Other
Of The Disabled People ...
  • 85% Physical / Mobility Impairment
  • 30% Mental Illness
  • 30% Chronic Illness
  • 15% Sensory Impairment