Winter Paralympics - Thursday, March 13

Sled Hockey Semifinal (live)
5:00 AM Eastern
NBC Sports Network

Sled Hockey Semifinal
Noon Eastern
NBC Sports Network

I confess, I haven't watched any of the Winter Paralympics since seeing the Opening Ceremony. I don't know why. Each day there's something available to watch during the waking hours. I've been blogging the event times for others. I guess each day I forget and because the broadcasts are too short, the event is usually over by the time I remember. I even missed the Wheelchair Curling this afternoon ... Wheelchair. F-ing. Curling!

I am determined to watch the Sled Hockey Semifinal tomorrow though. If that turns out to be fun, then I'll try to watch whenever I can until the games are over.

Meanwhile, here's a link to the medal standings so far. Briefly, Russia is in first place, Germany in second, Ukraine in third, Canada is in fourth, and the USA is in ... 13th place with 4 Silver and 4 Bronze medals.