Winter Paralympics Schedule 2014 Paralympic Games logo
United States Olympic Committee - February 19, 2014

There will be relatively little on-air coverage of the Winter Paralympic Games, but I prefer to see the 52 hours of total coverage as a “glass half full” situation. Most importantly, the link above takes you to very good, easy to decipher charts showing exactly when and where you can watch live or taped broadcasts of each sport. It looks like the Opening Ceremony, several Sled Hockey games, and the Wheelchair Curling Final will all be shown during the day, and that NBC Sports Network will be doing a highlights show for each day of competition. Of course, you can see a bit of everything, mostly on NBC Sports Network, if you’re willing to get up in the middle of the night or super early in the morning.

NBC seems to be completely committed to the “human interest” approach to Olympic sports. It will be interesting to see if covering nothing but disabled athletes induces a full-on diabetic coma in all of the commentators. Or, will they go the other way and depict all the competitors as hard-bitten, fearless bad-asses?