Disability Blogger Linkup - September, 2018

Closeup photo of a grey computer keyboard, with a red wheelchair symbol on the center key

Welcome to the Disability Blogger Linkup! If you are new to this, click here to see previous Disability Blogger Link-Ups.

The idea is to share something you have written that's about disability in some way. Please be sure to link to the specific article or post, not just the main page of the website it's on. Also, to make the links easier for visitors to identify, in the “Your name” blank, type the title of the article you are posting. In the "Your URL" blank, paste the URL address of the item. Like this:

Name = Title of your article.
Your URL = Link to your article.

Then click the "Enter" button. That's it! If you have any trouble making it work, or have any questions, feel free to email me at: apulrang@icloud.com.

Note: Please don’t post pieces that are basically advertising or endorsing a product or service for sale. I have never made this explicit before, but I have been getting a lot of emails from bloggers and website proprietors who may or may not be semi-disguised marketers, wanting to post “guest blogs” to this site. No disrespect to what they are doing, but that’s not the kind of content I want.

This Link-Up will close at Midnight Eastern on Sunday. The next Disability Blogger Link-Up will start Friday, October 12, 2018.