Housekeeping Update

3 black silhouette figures of people doing house cleaning

My work schedule has changed, and will probably, (hopefully!), change again in a month or two. As a result, I am going to scale back my blogging a bit. Here's the plan for the next few months ...

I will aim to do 3-4 blog posts per week, generally on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

I'll keep doing Weekly Reading Lists on Mondays, and the Disability Blogger Link-Up on alternate Fridays.

Around the first of each month, I will post a Monthly Wrap-Up with links to all of the previous month's blog posts.

I still want to try some kind of YouTube-based Vlog, I hope starting in January, 2017.

Let's see how that goes. Ideally, this new routine will increase the quality of my blogging a little, and keep me from getting too frazzled and prone to procrastination.