Election Blogging Update

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As I have previously noted, I am mostly saving my election-related writing for #CripTheVote and paid blogging for the Center for Disability Rights. Every so often, though, I will post a little update on these activities here at Disability Thinking.

I recently did two more blog posts on politics, disability, and the U.S. elections for the CDR website:

On Mass Shootings and Mental Disability
June 17, 2016

The Ugly Side of Disability Rhetoric
July 12, 2016

I will also write posts after the upcoming Republican and Democratic conventions, and I plan to continue blogging through Election Day in November. If you want to read more of my thinking on the U.S. elections, check out #CripTheVote on Twitter and the #CripTheVote Facebook Page. You can also read my past CDR election blog posts, listed here:

June, 2016

Top 5 Disability Issues
(Paired with this blog post by Emily Munson)
Five Modest Proposals

May, 2016

Nothing But Questions

April, 2016

Undecided: 9th Democratic Presidential Debate

March, 2016

Now Let's Hear From The Rest Of Them

A Bit Of Republican Tone Policing: 12th Republican Presidential Debate

Deepish Thoughts From A Contentious Debate: 8th Democratic Presidential Debate

Just Stop It: 7th Democratic Presidential Debate

Moderators Please! Ask A Disability Question!: 11th Republican Presidential Debate

February, 2016

I Guess We're On Our Own - 10th Republican Debate

No Time For Disability - 9th Republican Debate

It's Time To Do Better - 6th Democratic Debate

The 8th Republican Debate

Bad Conflict, Good Conflict - 5th Democratic Debate

A Real Disability Issue, But Is Anyone Listening? - 7th Republican Debate

January, 2016

Shoot For The Moon, Or Play It Safe - 4th Democratic Debate

Blowing On Sparks - 6th Republican Debate

Passing A Low Bar: Hillary Clinton Answers a Disability Question

December, 2015

The Full Plate and The Missing Topic - 3rd Democratic Debate

Safety At All Costs - 5th Republican Debate

Mocking Trump

Disappointing, But Not A Waste Of Time - 2nd Democratic Debate

November, 2015

It’s Up To Us - The 4th Republican Debate

October, 2015

And How Will That Work For Disabled People? The 3rd Republican Debate