Quitting The Podcast ... For Now

Black sign with white informal lettering reading: Back To The DRAWING BOARD

I am putting an end to the Disability.TV Podcast in its current form, but something will take its place, and what’s already been done won’t go away.

I still believe there is a huge and mostly untapped potential for audio podcasts in Disability Culture. There are just enough really good disability podcasts out there to make me certain there could and should be more. However, in the three years since I started Disability.TV, I have concluded that I'm not very good at it, especially when I go solo, and right now I don't have the time and resources to line up sufficient guests. So I'm going to stop this cycle of excitement about a new disability on TV topic, procrastination about actually doing a show about it, and relief at finally doing it, followed by slight disappointment over the results. I gave it a decent shot. I like a lot of what I and my guests dis. But it's time to move on to something different.

What next then?

For awhile, nothing. I've got enough going on with the blog, the freelance work I'm doing this summer, and my daily #CripTheVote activities. Eventually though, I have in mind a more general-interest disability video show or "vlog" on YouTube. I say "general-interest," but I probably mean topics clustered around disability activism, politics, and culture ... much like the written Disability Thinking blog. It will probably once again be a combination of short solo entries and somewhat longer conversations with others. I might even do a few on-location vlogs when there's something interesting to look at.

In the meantime, I will keep the podcast alive so you can listen to it anytime you want. Occasionally, I'll even promote some of the through the Disability Thinking blog, Twitter, and Facebook. And whatever comes next will take its place exactly where the podcast resides on the Disability Thinking website. So stay tuned. If there are particular things you'd like to hear and see, format preferences, or other ideas, please do let me know!

By the way, don't forget that the Disability Thinking Links page includes links to my favorite disability-related podcasts and vlogs. Go visit, and check back now and then, to see what great stuff other people are doing in disability media and commentary.