Throwback Thursday

Mr. Peabody and Sherman, classic cartoon characters, in front of an elaborate wall of machinery, the "Wayback Machine" time machine. Mr. Peabody is a white dog with glasses, Sherman is a red haired boy with glasses

Three years ago in Disability Thinking: Disability In The News

I still have my Google News page set to give me articles related to “disability” and “disabled,” but I’m pretty sure the tone and content of the articles I see have changed since 2013. Anecdotally, it feels like the most common themes now are:

* Disability activists’ reactions to depictions of disability in news and pop culture.
* Disabled people getting involved in the elections.
* The pros and cons of reforming and transforming various kinds of disability services

There are still always stories about shocking abuses and heartwarming acts of individual kindness, but they don’t seem to dominate “disability news” the way they used to. In the meantime, the more progressive, disability-centered sides of these discussions are usually present, if not in a story itself, then soon after.

So, based on my entirely unscientific personal survey, I think that the coverage of disability issues is significantly better now than it was three years ago.