Election Blogging

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I haven’t blogged much about the election so far ... not here at Disability Thinking anyway. That’s because I’m reserving most of my thoughts on politics for the Center for Disability Rights, which is paying me to blog about the election, and for my #CripTheVote activities. That means that actually, I’ve written quite a lot about the elections, especially in relation to disabled voters and disability issues.

If you want to read what I’m thinking about the U.S. elections, check out #CripTheVote, on Twitter, the #CripTheVote Facebook Page, my own Twitter feed, embedded on the right rail of this blog, and also read my CDR blog posts, listed here in reverse chronological order:

Top 5 Disability Issues
(Paired with this blog post by Emily Munson Five Modest Proposals)

Nothing But Questions

Undecided: 9th Democratic Presidential Debate

Now Let's Hear From The Rest Of Them

A Bit Of Republican Tone Policing: 12th Republican Presidential Debate

Deepish Thoughts From A Contentious Debate: 8th Democratic Presidential Debate

Just Stop It: 7th Democratic Presidential Debate

Moderators Please! Ask A Disability Question!: 11th Republican Presidential Debate

I Guess We're On Our Own - 10th Republican Debate

No Time For Disability - 9th Republican Debate

It's Time To Do Better - 6th Democratic Debate

The 8th Republican Debate

Bad Conflict, Good Conflict - 5th Democratic Debate

A Real Disability Issue, But Is Anyone Listening? - 7th Republican Debate

Shoot For The Moon, Or Play It Safe - 4th Democratic Debate

Blowing On Sparks - 6th Republican Debate

Passing A Low Bar: Hillary Clinton Answers a Disability Question

The Full Plate and The Missing Topic - 3rd Democratic Debate

Safety At All Costs - 5th Republican Debate

Mocking Trump

Disappointing, But Not A Waste Of Time - 2nd Democratic Debate

It’s Up To Us - The 4th Republican Debate

And How Will That Work For Disabled People? The 3rd Republican Debate