Disability YouTubers

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Last week, I asked readers to suggest some blogs and YouTube vlogs that I should add to the Disability Thinking Links page. The post got a lot of suggestions in the comments, and today I want to highlight some YouTube vlogs that I am going to add to the Links page. For each one, I have included a link to the channel and selected a video to embed.

Here we go!

Robyn Lambaird

Robyn is a young British woman with Cerebral Palsy, who is an athlete and posts videos on a variety of disability related and other topics. In this video, she discusses one of the foundational idea of disability rights and activism, the relationship between Equality and Fairness.

Zach Anner

Zach’s videos are fun and funny. Many of them are about physical fitness and “working out”, and some are on travel and a variety of other topics. He also posts a number of videos on specific disability-related topics, including this terrific answer to a subscriber’s question about how people with disabilities go to the bathroom.

Tuesdays with Liz: Disability Policy for All

This channel comes from the AUCD, the Association of University Centers on Disability, an organization that does a lot of work in disability activism, mostly related to accessibility and accommodation of college students with disabilities. “Tuesdays with Liz: Disability Policy for All” is kind of my dream channel, because it’s a series of interviews all about disability policy … how the everyday needs and issues of living with disabilities can be addressed through better disability-related policies, practices, and laws. It’s a great way for people new to disability activism to get the lay of the land. Here’s a fantastic interview with Maria Town, who works at the White House specifically on disability issues.

Annie Elainey

Annie produces amazing videos on a really wide variety of themes, most of which have something to do with being disabled. I put this one last on the list because in a way, if you want to get started with disability on YouTube, you could just watch this video, titled “20 Disabled YouTubers.” I haven’t looked at all of her recommendations yet, but as you can see, there’s some overlap with the sites recommended to me last week

Thank you Gregg Beratan and The Affliction Fiction for suggesting these vlogs! In a few days I’ll go through some of the recommended blogs before adding them to the Disability Thinking Links page.