Throwback Thursday

Illustration of the time machine from the movie "The Time Machine"

One year ago in Disability Thinking: “TV Notes”

A year later, I do feel differently about “cripping up,” a term for when non-disabled actors play disabled characters. The practice still doesn’t ruin a show or movie for me all by itself, but I now think it’s more than a social justice issue. I think it tends to make whole productions worse, or less good, when disabled characters are played by non-disabled actors.

I’m also still way behind on my TV-watching.

Two years ago in Disability Thinking: “Another Rant On Positivity”

Wow, I forgot all about this post. It was sort of an early take for me on “inspiration porn,” even though I didn’t call it that. What still stands out about this particular story was that the disabled person seems to have been misquoted. The headline says she said something very “inspiration porn-ish,” but maybe she just plain didn’t! In any case, I’m pretty happy with my analysis here. It might help me with a new post I want to do pretty soon … another, more thorough deconstruction of “inspiration porn.”