Disability Blogger Link-Up: Disability 101

Closeup of a gray computer keyboard with a red wheelchair symbol on the center key

This weekend’s linkup we’re doing something a little different. Please post your favorite pieces of writing, graphics, or video that describe or explain fundamentals of disability rights or disability culture.

What reading, listening, or viewing would you recommend to a person newly disabled, a young disabled person just starting to sort through is or her thinking about their disability, or new parents of a disabled child? It can be something you made, or something you’ve seen elsewhere that you feel does a great job of explaining the basics.

As always, to make the links easier for visitors to browse, in the “Your name” blank, please type the title of the article you are posting. In the "Your URL" blank, paste the URL address of the item. Like this:

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A note about multiple posts:

If you have more than one item you want to post, please feel free. However, keep in mind that these linkups open every other weekend. Plus, Two Thirds Of A Planet runs a Link-Up every other weekend. So there’s no need to post all of your best, favorite stuff all at once.

This Link-Up will close at Midnight Eastern on Sunday. The nextDisability Blogger Link-Up will start Friday, March 25, 2016.