More #CripTheVote

#CripTheVote - Our Voices, Our Vote - Twitter chats before Presidential debates, on disability issues and strategies for disabled voters.

Alice Wong, Gregg Beratan and I hosted the second #CripTheVote chat in the hour before Saturday night’s UFC fight … sorry … Republican Presidential debate. Once again, the response was encouraging and invigorating. Browse through the Storify below to see what people said about disability issues and the US General Elections.

A few people have asked if we plan to do more #CripTheVote activities. Yes, we plan on continuing the effort in one form or another through Election Day. Expect some details this week, in fact, in anticipation of the next scheduled debate, which is the 10th (10th!?) Republican Presidential debate on Thursday, February 25, at 9:00 PM Eastern.

Stay tuned!