Throwback Thursday

Picture of the time machine from the film Time Machine

One year ago in Disability Thinking: "Language, Privilege, and Stuff ..."

Believe it or not, I remember most of the things I post here. But I totally forgot this one. It’s pretty good, too. I highly recommend reading all of the links I included, because it’s all still very applicable, probably more than it was a year ago.

Two years ago in Disability Thinking: "Jillian Mercado On 'Today'"

Another post that is, if anything, more pertinent today than it was two years ago. In this case, it helps draw the legitimately tricky distinction between “Inspiration Porn” and stories about disabled people that are awesome. More than ever, I think the key differences are:

1. Be specific, and
2. Include the disabled person the story is about, in the story.

Do those two things, and whatever else you do in your disability story, it will be better.