Disability Blogger Link-Up

Closeup photo of a gray computer keyboard, with one key marked with a red wheelchair symbol

Here is another Disability Blogger Link-Up for your posting and reading pleasure. What's been on your disability-related mind over the last couple of weeks? What new insights into the disability experience do you have to share? Post them here! Come back later on and read what others have posted. And let others know about the linkup, especially other disability bloggers you know about.

To make the links easier to for readers to browse the posts, in the “Your name” blank, please type the title of the article you are posting. In the "Your URL" blank, paste the URL address of the item. Like this:

Name = Title of your article.
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Then click the "Enter" button. That's it!

A note about multiple posts:

If you have more than one item you want to post, please feel free. However, keep in mind that these linkups open every other weekend. Plus, Two Thirds Of A Planet runs a Link-Up every other weekend. So there’s no need to post all of your best, favorite stuff all at once.

This Link-Up will close at Midnight Eastern on Sunday. The next Disability Blogger Link-Up will start Friday, January 29, 2016.