"Impact Winter"

DVD cover for The West Wing, Season Six

The long-delayed, procrastinated, and re-thought episode of the Disability.TV Podcast will be posted on Wednesday, January 27. The subject will be Season 6, Episode 9 of The West Wing, “Impact Winter.” The West Wing is available on DVD, and through Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Apple iTunes.

Future episodes of the Disability,TV Podcast will post on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Two weeks before, I will announce the topic, so listeners can watch the show or episode in advance if they want. These podcasts will be spoiler-full! I will talk about whatever is necessary in order to fully explore the disabled characters and disability stories featured in each podcast episode. Listeners will probably get the most out of these episodes if they watch before listening. However, I hope to make sure that pre-watching isn’t necessary. I have been turned on to many great TV shows and movies by listening to commentaries about them, spoilers and all.

It’s up to you. Watch before, or after. Either way, join me in examining and appreciating interesting … if not always good … depictions of disability on television.