Starting Again

Yellow post-it note reading “Back Soon!”

Starting in January, 2019, Disability Thinking will return with a new format and a new look. The new look you can see right now. It’s mostly a cosmetic makeover, but it’s also a simplification. I deleted the Podcast and Links pages. I haven’t done the audio podcast for a couple of years, and I don’t intend to go back to it anytime soon. Plus, the links page is too much hassle to keep up to date. For the time being, Disability Thinking is going to be all about the Blog.

I’m not going back to daily or even weekly blogging. I’ve also decided not to attempt a YouTube vlog. Instead I’m going to focus on three blogging projects.

First, I’m going to take the Vlogging idea I was toying with and make it a biweekly blog entry. I’m calling it The Disability Alphabet. The idea is to explore the meanings and uses of disability terminology, starting with A and covering a new letter every other week until Z, which should come at just about the end of 2019. Here is the tentative, incomplete list of terms I have in mind:

A Ableism, Accessibility, Advocacy

B Barrier-Free

C Crip, Chronic Pain, Chronic Illness

D Disabled, Differently-Abled, Discrimination

E Erasure, Eugenics, Emotional Labor

F Functioning Labels

G Guide Dog

H Handicapped

I Inspiration Porn, Independent Living, Intersectional

J _________________________

K _________________________

L Long Term Care

M Medical Model, Marginalized

N Neurodiversity

O Oppression, Opioids, Outcomes

P Prejudice, Privilege

Q Quad Rugby

R Representation

S Self Advocate, Social Model, Special Needs

T Transition, Transportation, Trauma

U Undue Burden, Universal Design

V Vocational Rehabilitation, Venn Diagrams

W Wheelchairs, White Cane

X Xenophobia

Y _________________________

Z _________________________

Feel free to help me fill in the gaps and suggest other terms I should cover.

The other two features are continuations of existing features at Disability Thinking … the Monthly Reading List and Disability Blogger Linkup. And of course I will probably put up some stand-alone posts now and then, for notable events or when I just have to say something that I can’t cover properly in tweets.

At this point, I plan on the monthly blogging schedule looking like this:

  • The Disability Alphabet … Every other Friday.

  • Monthly Reading List … First Monday of each month.

  • Disability Blogger Linkup … Second weekend of each month.

That’s about all for now. Expect the first “Disability Alphabet” post on January 4, 2019.